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April 02 2018

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Halitrephes jellyfish

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March 29 2018

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Moodboard: Aesthetic - Garden Daydreams. 

Her throat and her hair. Her green witch’s eyes.


March 20 2018



✨🌸 Hoping for the months of Spring to bring you lovely little things ✨🌸

March 19 2018

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March 15 2018

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Mythological creatures - Selkies

“When angels fell, some fell on the land, some on the sea. The former are the faeries and the latter were often said to be the seals.”



With Stephen Hawking’s passing, today is a sad day for science. But amongst all his praise and achievements in the fields of physics, for me personally his biggest achievement was making a grand, full life despite the terrible misfortune of being diagnosed with ALS. It would have been easy to become a recluse, embittered with the hand he’d been dealt, a brilliant misanthrope. But this was a man who maintained his sense of humor and refused to be mentally beaten. Three years ago, he told One Direction fans that the theory of alternate universes could provide a reality where Zayn Malik was still in the band. He conducted an interview with John Oliver where his factual, deadpan delivery was funnier than his interviewer, managing the cheekiest grins as he did so. And let us not forget that Stephen Hawking is the only person to have ever portrayed themselves in a Star Trek episode (Next Generation, “Descent, Part 1″), where he appeared alongside actors portraying Einstein and Sir Isaac Newton, whom he proceeded to defeat in poker.


Hawking’s observations on black hole radiation, string theory, alternate universes and artificial intelligence are things that will probably forever remain beyond most of us. But we could all learn a thing or two from his humanity.



Date the woman whose voice is an enigma. Is it the ringing in your ears? The static in between radio stations and on old TVs? The songs that sound like they might not be of this world, that you can only hear if you concentrate?  When you listen closely, you can hear her in the wind whistling through the leaves, in the oil sizzling in a cooking pan. Date her, and you can hear her love in even the most mundane sound. 

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Who will stand against the darkness? 

Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of Grindelwald (2018) dir. David Yates



it just occured to me that I always subconsciously thought that Stephen Hawking was going to live forever

March 14 2018

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8 of the world’s most bizarre flowers:




1.) Swaddled Babies

2.) Flying Duck Orchid

3.) Hooker’s Lips Orchid

4.) Ballerina Orchid

5.) Monkey Orchid

6.) Naked Man Orchid

7.) Laughing Bumblebee Orchid

8.) White Egret Orchid

Orchids kinda don’t wanna be flowers, huh.

Orchids kinda don’t wanna live in general.

There are more ways to kill an orchid than there are to get one to actually stay alive, let alone bloom. They die if they don’t like their soil, or their water, or the amount of sun, or the amount of shade, or the environment in general, sometimes they die if they just plain don’t like you. Orchids are the pickiest plant in the world, and they would rather be dead, then put up with shit they don’t like. For those of the human race that can actually keep an orchid alive, you have been chosen, and you should be proud.

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worn old books 

18th and 19th century cloth and leather 


March 08 2018








lee pace just came out you guys im crying

I’m actually pissed as fuck about this because he was, from what I’ve read, basically forcefully outed by the interviewer. I’m too tired to find the source but that’s even how it comes across in his first tweet.


this is the link to the article^^^

All the support to Lee Pace and ALL THE SHADE AND SHAME TO THAT REPORTER.

Name them and shame them. The reporter needs to see the shaming posts in order for them to be effective. He needs to know that this is unacceptable.

His name is Brian Moylan. This was his reaction to Lee’s tweets:

Fuck him. Fuck his homophobic attitude and behavior. He needs to be informed that this is not okay, that the queer community which he mocks will not tolerate or condone this. People have a right to their privacy, even celebrities. Yes, fame provides queer celebs with a platform to provide representation and support for the rest of us. But they are still human beings, first and foremost, and do not owe us that at the cost of their own safety and comfort. Forcing someone, anyone, out of the closet against their will, especially in order to “justify” them acting in queer roles, is unacceptable. Brian Moylan owes Lee Pace an apology at bare fucking minimum. Lee deserved better.

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